Policy & Procedures

Cancellation Policy

 • A full 24 hour advance notice is required to cancel an appointment. This way I can extend the session     opportunity to other clients. Cancellations will be received by phone or text message only.

 • Upon day-of cancellation or no-show, you will be charged 50% of the session fee.
 • Gift cards as payment for a same-day cancel or no-show will be rendered null and void.

Late Arrivals

 • Unless notified by phone, I will assume clients running more than 20 minutes late are no-showing. I reserve the right to determine the remaining length of session time. All clients will be responsible for the originally-scheduled appointment fee.        


HSA/FSA Forms of Payment

 • A common question for massage therapists is whether clients can use Health Savings Accounts for their massage sessions.   Often the answer is yes, but there are some details to consider first. This link holds some very useful information regarding the use of Health Savings & Flex Spending accounts: 



 • A contraindication is a sign that indicates massage or other manual therapy is not advised. This can pertain to an entire body or just a specific area. Examples include fever or other contagious illnesses, deep vein thrombosis, burns, fractures, inebriation, sudden contact with poison ivy, or bear mauling. If I sense that massage could be potentially harmful in such a scenario, I will reserve the right to decline the session. If in doubt, ask!