Custom Session Pricing:
30 mins - $60
60 mins - $80
90 mins - $100
120 mins - $125
180 mins - $200
Additional: $10 for Hot Stone, Prenatal Sessions, and CBD oils.

Hot Stone Massage:

A mix of hands and volcanic basalt stones are used to melt tension and ease tired muscles. Stones are not simply placed on the body, but rather used as tools in the hand.

Heat is excellent at boosting circulation and is highly recommended for clients that can't often tolerate deep pressure. 

Why Massage? 

Commonly cited benefits of massage include improved circulation and joint mobility, reduced stress, reduced pain, and the promotion of restful sleep. It's often utilized to decrease anxiety, headache severity, and decrease healing time of various injuries.

One of my favorite things about massage is feeling the sensation of being put "back into my body". Massage can promote a a very unique sense of body consciousness:  an especially useful tool for reflection or training purposes. Learn about things you can improve physically or realize how much tension you were carrying in your hands.

What's CBD? 

Cannabidiol. It's NOT psychoactive (like THC). The CBDs I use are absorbed through the skin, binding to CB2 protein receptors. Most common clinical CBD uses are for chronic pain, nerve pain, muscle stiffness, fibromyalgia, headache & migraine, anxiety, depression, and general inflammation around cutaneous nerves. 

It seems CBD lowers cortisol levels, boosts serotonin & dopamine. I've not come across any data to suggest topical CBD use will have you fail a drug test, and again, there is no "high" of any sort whatsoever.

Educate yourself and be your own health advocate. CBDs may not be for you but I'm an ardent believer in having unrestricted access to natural products.